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I’ve finally tried my hand at editing…and won!


You Learn Something New Everyday (At Least You Should)

I can unequivocally agree with James. Editing has opened up a whole new area of weakness I had no idea was there. Thankfully, the skills we do have can be leveraged to compensate for those we don’t.

James Albrecht

In a job interview, you are not supposed to admit weakness, and if you do you are taught to somehow turn it into a positive. Good thing this isn’t a job interview. Up until a few days ago, I had no idea how to edit, create, or produce video. I can now gladly say that I can add that skill to my resume. It was a tough and frustrating experience, but what new skill is not tough and frustrating to learn? This is an example of some video footage that my wonderful colleague LaTisha Francis created. I wish I could say I had a direct part in making the video look this good, but I did not. What I did do is learn how little I knew about video editing.

Tomorrow, I will post a video that I produced for a class utilizing these skills that I learned. As the…

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